Train Spill

Luckily there was not hazardous waste on this train and no injuries. The Hazard Response Unit had full stock of sorbents, socks, and booms to ensure no environmental run-off.

Night Safety

Night time rescue, repair and construction all require proper Safety Certified Area lighting.

Pre-trip Checklist

Make sure that everybody has all equipment, food and water before leaving for site.

Ear Protection/Communication

Onsite needs CSA earplugs and the ability to talk. Checked out the site for safety rated earplugs with built in comms and found the codes and link to buy.

Confined Space

Need to make sure that the spaces being worked have proper functioning fall arrest, rescue lines and tethers.  Always follow procedure.

Bio spills

Accidents result in injury and bio cleanup, make sure that all spills are carefully and properly contained and disposed.